embeddable book widget.

BookBox is a simple, free tool, for quickly embedding images of books into a web page.

Just use the search text box after "Add new book". It should be sufficient to enter part of the title or author's name or the ISBN number, as the page relies Amazon's book search functionality.

If you have an Amazon Associate ID (see here for Amazon's affiliate program), you can enter it in the corresponding field, and the links will be marked with your ID. If you leave the field blank, our own id, bookbox-20, will be added. If you don't want this, you can of course remove it from the links. (In Amazon's affiliate program, if someone follows a link marked with an associate ID, and eventually purchases the product, then the referrer gets a small percentage of the price from Amazon. See the above link for full details.) In all cases, this does not affect the look and feel of the widget.

NEW (30th Jan, 2017)

What is this "please update" about? What should I update?

We needed to make a technical change to BookBox, which means that existing widgets will stop working after 30th June, 2017. If you have embedded a BookBox widget, and want it to show up after this date, you need to replace the embedded code with the new one. Simply copy the code as it appears on the page currently, and paste it in place of the old one. The book images should show up as before.

What changes?

In the new system, the book cover images are linked directly from the Amazon website, not via the BookBox site. This makes the widget faster, and more robust: even if the BookBox website goes offline, the book images will still appear (unless Amazon changes something on their side). In the new system, "updating" is no longer supported, if you want to change the books in a collection, you need to create a new collection, and replace the embedded script on your page. Consequently, passwords are no longer required. We also removed the "number of books" setting, since now all the books that are added show up in that order. You can of course change the order, or otherwise modify the script as you are embedding it. The option to add your own Amazon affiliate ID remained unchanged.


We made BookBox back in 2009 to make it easy to embed collections of book covers on a blog or a website. We were happy to see that many people have found it useful: teachers, librarians, bloggers, writers all over the world. Unfortunately, due to its design, the widget generated a lot of traffic on our server, which we can no longer sustain. So we changed it so that the script is simply a list of links and images (from Amazon).